Hi! My name is Farshad

I am Seattle based user experience

and interaction designer

About Me

I am a multidisciplinary professional with experience in human centered design, user experience, usability and visual communication. My goal is to translate customer insights into delightful user experiences and align them with business goals.

I am proficient in providing various design solutions for a single problem by fast prototyping, understanding and communicating with product managers, team members and actual users. You can check Agilysys or Job Application Tracker interactive wireframes that I made with Axure.

I have worked at Microsoft and designed solutions for across Windows 10 search, query formulation, My Stuff canvas and Edge browser search box. Before that I was designer at Agilysys and helped them to create a management UI for their POS hardware. Prior to these I was a designer at PSP and designed different UIs and websites for them.

My Skills


Every project starts with an idea, but a single idea might not be great. As Linus Pauling said: “The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.”

I think the best way to achieve this is to create lots of ideas in an early stage of each product with including all people that are involved in the project.


Designers think that other people know what is happening in our head, that's not true. We have to visualize our ideas to present them to project owners, developers and users.

I think most effective way is having interactive wireframes and in my opinion Axure is the best tool to do that.

Usability Study

Nowadays no product will be successful if you ignore users, it's an obvious fact that if you don't design with users in mind you will fail. Observing and learning from users while they work with your product is an amazing experience.

But the other important factor is to balance the user needs with business needs.

Visual Design

I started learning web design about 10 years ago, during this time I've learned Photoshop, Illustrator and ...

I believe interface plays an important role, but sole goal of UXer should not be a pixel perfect design, it should be creating a usable, easy to use, intuitive and enjoyable product.


I have experience in coding HTML and CSS, I have designed and coded lots of websites. Also I know responsive web designing.

I think knowing what is happening at the background of each UI is an important factor for UX designers to create a better experiences and help them to communicate better with developers.


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