• Power BI – Design Templates

Project Goal

Design templates for Adobe XD, Affinity Designer and Axure for rapid creation of mockups and prototyping.

My Role

I was user experience designer in this project.

Tools & Deliverables

I used Adobe XD, Affinity Designer and Axure.

Project Summary

Since Power BI desktop application is so complex and has lots of different areas with different technologies in backend, we spent lots of time to find some old designs and guidelines for them. Specially when we were working on improvements on some old areas of product.

I decided to start creating templates in these 3 different applications since designers in our team used different apps to create their designs. This way when we wanted to design something in desktop we can easily open the template library drag the specific item into artboard and customize it without wasting time searching old documents to find those elements.

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is my favorite app for UI designing, it is fast and fluid and has some very useful tools that makes designing UIs very easy and fast.

List of Power BI assets that I created in Affinity Designer

You can see in this image below that how easy it is to drag items from assets library and they sit in their predefined positions in desktop app:

Easily create a Power BI desktop app in Affinity Designer


For prototyping I use Axure, it is one of the most advanced prototyping tools out there that you can create complex applications like Power BI with it very easily.

Like Affinity Designer I created a library of common UI elements in Power BI desktop in Axure as well.

Here is a sample of Power BI template working prototype made in Axure:

Working Power BI template in Axure

Adobe XD

Another new tool that recently designers started using it is Adobe XD, since most designers started using it in our team I decided to create a template for this application too.