• Power BI – Sync Slicers

Project Goal

Provide a simple way for users to create filters that apply to all their pages in their report.

My Role

I was user experience designer in this project, worked with many people in different teams of development, project managers, researches and content writers.

Tools & Deliverables

I used pen and paper for rapid ideation, Affinity Designer for interface designs and redlines. We ran some usability studies with those mockups.

Project Summary

One of the problems with multiple pages report before releasing this feature was that users were not able to transfer their selected filters on a specific page to other pages in their report. They had to create same filters on each page and select same filter each time they navigate through different pages.

This feature helped them to solve this issue by creating filters that are synced in entire pages of their report and each they select a filter in one page, it carries through all other pages without doing same action over and over again.

One Of The Top Requests From Power BI Community

Ideation and Brainstorming

We designed 3 different concept for this scenario and tested them with users. Here are details of each concept and results:

Problems With This Concept

  • Creating a new group inside the group selection drop down was challenging and ended up adding more UX problems.
  • Since any change that made on property is live, having an input box without save button changes the pattern in property pane.
  • This concept might be good for one single group, but after adding more groups it gets complicated since there is no central UI to manage and view these groups.
  • Property pane is not really visible and right now they have lots of problems with this pane’s design, adding more UX complexity won’t help them.

Problems With This Concept

  • Group management layer in the pane seems complicated and confusing, it might be a good idea to start without grouping functionality to teach users how to use this feature first then we can introduce management capability.
  • Icons for sync and visibility are not intuitive and not clear the what are the related actions.
  • Showing slicers that are incompatible with user selected slicer in this pane would add to user confusion.

Power BI Official Sync Slicer Announcement