• Viber Windows Phone’s App Redesign

Viber Windows Phone's App Redesign

My Role

Design a better interface and interaction model for Viber app in Windows phone.

My Role

User experience and visual designer

Tools & Deliverables

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Concept design
  • Usability

Project Summary

Windows Phone’s Viber app has some user experience problems and sometimes its really annoying, beside that in my opinion it has some interface design problems too, So I’ve decided to redesign its interface and tried to make it better and easier to use.

(Please note that this app was designed for Windows Phone 7 and Viber has redesigned this app since Windows Phone 7)


I observed some of the Windows Phone users who were using Viber app for their daily communications and found these problems in the app:

  • Fonts are too big and taking a lot of space
  • There are a lot of unused space in current design
  • You can see up to 4 conversation at conversation view
  • Send message button is not in good position
  • You don’t know how many missed calls and conversations you have
  • You can not access other sections while you are in conversation view
  • Settings is hidden in current design

Windows Phone 7 Viber Interface

(The interface of OneDrive app might have been changed in latest Windows 10 Mobile version)

My Suggestions

Here are the list of changes that I thought it might help the overall experience of the app:

  • Number of missed call and missed messages are available in one view, no need to scroll between different pages
  • Every missed call and missed message has a different background color, make them easier to find
  • Online users are visible in each view
  • User’s current local time is visible because its important to know the other user’s local time
  • Fonts are smaller in conversation view and they are easier for eye to read
  • Send message button is now beside the text box and easier to reach
  • Settings view is now accessible with only one click
  • Old users who get used to swaping between pages also will be able to do this again