Project Summary

Recently there are some debates about changes in modern design interfaces. Hamburger menu icon is showing up in some apps which most users are not happy with this decision.

For example if you see the new OneDrive app for Windows Phone, it uses two different menus to interact with, one is the ellipsis menu (three dots … in bottom right corner) which Microsoft introduced with modern design, and the other one is hamburger menu which is on top left corner of device. The location of hamburger menu is far to easily reached as a usability stand point and also users have to interact with two menus that has two different functionality which is confusing.

So is there a better solution?

I thought about this problem and tried to solve it by combining these two menus in one place. In my design users don’t need to reach top left corner to activate the hamburger menu, its all in one place with ellipsis menu which users used to it in these years and its much easier to interact.

The only change that I made is when they open the ellipsis menu, to access all other categories in the menu all they have to do is swipe to right or left when the menu is open.

OneDrive UI

(The interface of OneDrive app might have been changed in latest Windows 10 Mobile version)

My Concept

If you see images on right you will see there is no hamburger menu in this interface. User clicks on ellipsis menu and will see the hamburger menu is combined here as categories below the normal ellipsis menu. By swiping to left or right while the menu is open user can browse different menu items and categories in one place instead of two different menu locations.

User Feedback

I posted this idea to one of the most trusted Windows forums and most of the users really liked this idea. You can check  this forum post to read some of the users feedback. Here are some users feedback:

I think this is the best concept I’ve seen yet. If this allows me to switch between menu, options, accounts, and about by swiping left/right rather than tapping I think that might work really well!
Oh that’s very clever, I love swiping menus, hope Microsoft listens to this.
I actually think this is one of the best implementations. Very easy to reach, very rich in content.
As a leftie I fully approve of this idea!
This is the best idea as I was saying the same in one of the article and if u have put this idea in the uservoice page a will give all my vote for it.