Project Summary

There are four major mobile operators in Iran, each of them provide internet, SMS, call and other services to users. Users can buy prepaid or postpaid. These online shops goal were to offer services for prepaid users who want to buy credit for internet, call and other services.

In each shop user can select their operator, amount they want to buy and the service that they want to use.

Interaction Demo

This animated demo shows how the user interact with the interface, as I described before here are steps that users need to complete:

  • Select their desired operator
  • The amount of credit that they want to buy
  • Enter mobile number and their email address for confirmation message
  • Choose their bank account to pay with

(Please note that the language of all these interfaces are in Persian)

Interactions Demo

Visual Designs

Here you can see some different visual designs and layout for these shops. As you can see all of these designs are responsive design which make them usable in every device.