Project Summary

Takelessons is a website which help people who want to learn something find a teacher in their area.
This was a test project for takelessons, they asked me to redesign the teacher’s profile to make it easier to understand and help students to find the information that really matters to them. I only had 2 days limit and I didn’t have any information except their website.
You can see a sample of the teacher’s profile here.


Because I had only 2 days for this project, I showed their current page to 2-3 different users and ask them to work with it, I watched them and found some areas which they had difficulties working with interface. Also I asked them what would be the most important subjects that they look when they want to find a teacher.
The most important factors for users were :

  • Other students’ reviews
  • Location, Age, Sex
  • Hourly price
  • Subject that teacher can teach
  • Introduction video

They didn’t care for long description of teacher’s profile or their images. So I came up with these sketches and designs.

Before and After Redesign

Takelessons Before Takelessons After


  1. Review and user comments were not visible in the old design unless users scroll down to bottom of the page.
  2. To see the teacher’s introduction video, users have to scroll down of the page.
  3. Subjects that teacher is trying to teach is not very readable and users cant see level of expertise in each subject.
  4. Price of teaching subject was not visible until you select a subject and click the action button. It is very small to see and this is an important factor for users.
  5. Location of teaching is not visible in this design.
  6. There is no place for subject’s description in this design.


  1. Users now can easily see important users reviews at top of the page.
  2. For see teacher’s introduction video users can easily click on video button and video will show up as a popup player.
  3. Users can easily scan through teaching subjects and see the level of expertise with 3 different bars.
  4. Price of each subject is easily visible and by changing each subject they immediately see the rate.
  5. Location of teaching is visible.
  6. By selecting each subject users can read subject’s description easily.

Visual Designs